Ground Ladder Testing


Ground ladder testing is another annual requirement of NFPA 1932 2015 edition. There are 3 main components of testing ground ladders; physical inspection, bend test, and hardware test. These three components encompass all aspects of the ladder, from the heat sensor to the butt spurs.

  1.  Physical inspection-The ladders are put through a 22 point hands on inspection to ensure the ground ladder is safe for operation.
  2.  Bend test-we use a certified calibrated dynometer on all bend tests and accurately measure any deviation in the ladder to make sure it is within the correct tolerances.
  3.  Hardware test-All roof hooks and hardware are weight tested to ensure they are strong enough for their allowed weight rating.

Benefits of outsourcing ground ladder testing to Waterway:

  • Use most modern equipment to test ladders to NFPA 1932 standards.
  • Will carry out full procedure on all aspects of testing ground ladders, updating and providing heat sensors, shock hazard stickers, and length designation stickers where required.
  • We can do minor repairs right in the field.
  • Will provide online test reports.
  • Use experts who know what to look for.
  • Co-ops are local so can respond quickly to customer's needs.

Waterway is the ideal choice to test a fire department’s ground ladders because it’s co-ops are fully trained and are the most experienced in the USA at carrying out this job.