• Waterway is the fastest growing fire hose testing company in the USA through its rapidly expanding Co-op network.
  • In most States, there is no formal competition which means you can build your given territory your way.
  • State of the art equipment means most efficient system for Fire Departments and virtual guarantee of repeat business.
  • You can benefit from 25 years of experience and trade secrets.
  • Profit opportunities from numerous services and products lead to highly lucrative returns.
  • Low risk, steady growth and relatively low investment costs.
  • Recession proof fire department hose testing is an annual NFPA requirement.
  • On going training and support is always available. You are IN business for yourself but not BY yourself.


  • You must have an interest in the fire-fighting industry. Ideally be a career or volunteer fire fighter or know someone with that background who can participate. This is an ideal business for a fireman.
  • You should be able to find funds for a one time fire hose testing Co-op fee that will get you started for the first year of operation.  This fee gives you the rights to the Waterway trademark brand , the marketing and advertising designs, network support and training, the online test record site and 25 years of experience! Plus it includes all of the equipment needed for testing hose, suction hose and ladders - such as the pump, adaptors, hose rolling tables, ladder testing tools, trailer. everything you need to get started.
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